Your Domain, My Name

We talk a lot about domain name sales, but what about actual name sales? One Florida man decided to link the two by auctioning his last name off to the highest bidder for a full year. Jason Sadler, who owns and operates a successful marketing firm through which companies pay him to wear their names and logos on t-shirts, took personal branding one step further when he sold his last name for $45,500 for the year.

On January 1, he will legally change his name to Jason, a move that he has documented in detail on his website (where he also explains that he will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity). He hosted the auction and chronicled the process, which resulted in bids from 25 different companies, on Ultimately, and duked it out until the final moments of the auction, until the former won the bid.

Mike Faith, CEO of (which sells, you guessed it, headsets for telephones and other devices), explained to CNN Money that the decision to participate in the auction was an easy one. Calling the purchase a “one-year inexpensive gamble,” he said that $45,000 is “not expensive for the marketing value,” considering that Faith’s company generates $30 million in sales each year.

The sale and the press it has already generated will surely result in additional visitors to the company’s website. The sale involves very little work for either party and is another example of creative marketing of domain names that could inspire similar stunt marketing by other firms.

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